Get actionable insights for your product

Most companies don’t ever bother building a user experience better than ‘good‘.


I help the ones that do.

Built for Mars UX case study

5 great reasons to improve your UX

Even the best companies in the world make mistakes


Convert more of your visitors into paying customers (%).


Accelerate your organic growth.


Increase the usage of new features.


Improve the efficiency of your internal software and dashboards.


Delight your users with experiences they’ll remember.

But how do I start the process?

It’s easy: just send me an email and we’ll find a good time to chat about your product.

Typically projects start 1/2 months after initial contact.

🚀Discounts for start-ups and educational.

But hey, it’s not for everyone 🤷‍♂️

Getting UX right is hard and takes a lot of work. So here are 3 reasonable excuses to get you out of doing it.

It’s easier for me to get 2x as many visitors to our site, than it is to improve our conversion rate by 5%.

Improving the conversion rate by just 5% is equivalent to doubling the number of visitors coming to your site. Based off industry standard SaaS conversion rate of 5% (source).

We’re working on a new version which we think will be better, so we’d rather build, test and release that first.

Building the wrong thing is more costly than waiting and building the right thing. Unless you know everything that was wrong with the current version, how can you design a better one?

My users don’t want to be delighted—they want to use my product and then get on with their lives.

Wrong—delight can be found in any product.

How I help craft memorable experiences 👩‍🚀

I highlight issues—just like in my published case studies—and then make suggestions to your team for longer term improvements.


This analysis will help you answer some of the big questions:

What are our users really thinking when they use our product?

Why aren’t more of our users using this feature that I know they’d benefit from?

Why is nobody talking about us on Twitter?

Why aren’t more people who visit our website signing up?

Why isn’t our product very sticky?

Memorable experience
Memorable mobile

I work with companies who get it

I’ve helped start-ups get their first customer, and billion dollar companies keep theirs. They all have something in common: they know the value of experience.

“Peter’s analysis was so insightful and detailed, he surfaced a bunch of new thinking and opportunities to orient people experiencing Notion for the first time.


We’re excited to put his recommendations into practice and know it will help more users quickly realise the product’s value – many things came up that had not occurred to our team.”


Private presentation in 2020  |  1m+ users  |  $1bn valuation

“Peter provided interesting ideas and feedback that highlight both his knowledge of product design and customer empathy. He is a thoughtful designer who has a sharp eye for details and user experience.”

Go Fund Me

Online workshop in 2020  |  $5bn donated through GFM  |  $600m valuation

Frequently asked questions

What am I actually buying?

Once we’ve agreed which parts of your product to work on, you will receive a private presentation (PDF) similar to my public case studies.

How much does it cost?

Project size depends on a number of factors, so reach out and we can discuss your product.

What's the start-up pricing discount?

I provide discounts for companies that have both fewer than 10 employees, and raised less than £2m in capital.

Do you do workshops or public speaking?

Sometimes—it depends on the audience. You may as well reach out and ask though!

How do I know you'll be able to help?

I’ve both publicly and privately helped some of the best companies in the world improve their user experience — everyone makes mistakes.

We're planning a redevelopment soon, should I wait to use you?

Why waste time designing and building a new version of the product, without actually understanding everything that was wrong with the last version?


I’m happy to work new designs, perhaps even just a Sketch file or wireframes, but it’s always valuable to understand what’s not working with the current version, before investing in something completely new.

So what now?

Reach out to me and let’s talk about your product.