Hello there 👋

My name is Peter, I’m 26 and I live in a small town on the Sussex coast. 🏝

Peter Ramsey
Peter Ramsey

The story of Built for Mars

In 2013 I founded Movem; a FinTech / PropTech company which was acquired in 2018 in a deal backed by one of the largest private equity firms in the world.


I’ve spent tens of thousands of hours—literally—reading, learning, practicing, refining and obsessing over product. What makes a user experience great? How could you convert another 1% of your visitors into paying users?


Since then, I’ve spent my time helping others build better products. From billion dollar companies based out in San Fransisco, to bedroom start-ups in places of the UK you wouldn’t even know existed.


I’ve been annotating user journeys for years, normally just squiggly lines with arrows, and one day late in 2019 I decided I’d start publishing free case studies in the hope that it’d help more people learn about product design.

What about the name?

Products are often built out of context.


Ask yourself this: if you were designing a cash machine that was only ever used by drunk people, how different would it be to a normal one?


The answer is very. But the UX on a cash machine doesn’t change at night. Why not?


Most of the time people build products that perform well in testing, but fail in the real world. The concept behind the name is that if a product was perfect, it’d be usable in a crater on Mars.


Aim to build a product that works on Mars, not just on the iPad in your office.

Some nice things that people have said about me

  • Young entrepreneur of the year 2019 (finalist) – Natwest GBEA
  • Most innovative use of video or animation 2019 (finalist) – Digital Entrepreneur Awards
  • RESI Trailblazers 2019 – Property Week
  • PropTech Founder of the Year 2018 (finalist) – BMW
  • Economic Disrupter of the Year’ 2018 (finalist) – The Spectator
  • ’35 under 35 to watch’ in 2018 – BusinessCloud
  • Startups ’20 Young Entrepreneurs to watch in 2017′
  • Young entrepreneur of the year 2017 (finalist) – Amazon Growing Business Awards
  • Young entrepreneur of the year 2017 (finalist) – Digital Entrepreneur Awards
  • Emerging entrepreneur of the year 2017 (South – finalist) – BQ
  • Tech 1sts of 2017 – Tech1sts
  • Best innovative use of video in 2017 (finalist) – Digital Entrepreneur Awards