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User experience case studies

A collection of case studies highlighting the UX mistakes, tips and tricks that even the best companies in the world have made.

Freetrade are on a mission to ‘get everyone investing’—but is their UX any good?

11 min read  ·  Jul 21

800 million people use TikTok, so the experience of creating a TikTok must be good, right?

9 min read  ·  May 19

Hulu is a Disney/Comcast-owned streaming service with 25 million users.

9 min read  ·  Apr 20

Zoom is a fairly new to the video conferencing space, but is their UX better than Skype or Cisco?

9 min read  ·  Apr 15

Disney+ allows you to rewatch some of your favourite movies and TV shows.

9 min read  ·  Apr 1

Monzo is a challenger bank that has taken the UK FinTech scene by storm.

9 min read  ·  Mar 18

GoDaddy has more than 18 million customers worldwide, but is their UX any good?

9 min read  ·  Mar 5

Each year, millions of events are created on Eventbrite. But how could it be better?

9 min read  ·  Feb 21

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Large-scale analysis of an entire industry, which include many case studies.

A forensic study into the UX of banking in the U.K.

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